It’s official, Cupcakes have Jumped the Shark!

Based on the fun we had creating the Fail flickr set, I’ve created a new flickr group with a whole new meme. Cupcakes Have Jumped the Shark is an open group for anyone to post illustrations of cupcakes jumping over sharks. Any style is accepted, but color illustrations are preferred. So far 9 artists have contributed, and a few of them were even drawn at our most recent Cartoonist Conspiracy in SF.

So, why should you contribute to the CHJTS pool? Because cupcakes have totally jumped the shark and you know it’s true. Plus its a fun subject to draw… I mean, cupcakes… sharks… jumping… Whee! All you have to do to contribute is post your illustration to flickr, then join the group and post your image.

Cupcake jumping the sharks
Cupcake Jumps Shark by Jeff Plotkin


Cupcake Jumped the Shark