Matt Mahaffey playing with himSelf

Check out this recently uploaded video of Self’s Matt Mahaffey playing a one man band version of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” on drums and Omnichord. I’ve never heard an Omnichord run through guitar distortion before, but the effect is extremely rocking. After I watching more live Self videos, I realize he’s been using them for years on songs like Trunk Fulla Amps (live) and others off of Gizmodgery. I’ve been looking for a cheap Omnichord for several years for circuit bending, but now I’m really jonesin’ for one.

The video is an excerpt from Self’s upcoming DVD “sElf- Live at Spaceland Acoustic”. There aren’t many more details of the dvd’s release, which originally went on pre-sale in April, but some believe the hold up could be concerning copyright issue’s over Matt’s AC/DC cover. Of course the rest of the show footage will be acoustic versions of Self songs, not Omnicover songs… which would be a cool dvd on it’s own.

Also; previously posted video of Beck live on the Sarah Kutner Show with Matt.





5 responses to “Matt Mahaffey playing with himSelf

  1. star Avatar

    This pretty much made my week.
    And I want an omnichord now too.

  2. Jon Avatar

    Man he sounds like jack white. alot.

  3. doubleagame Avatar

    Great title, great video. MM is a legend!

  4. Blargh Avatar

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for that DVD forever.

  5. doc Avatar

    I know, right? I’ve heard that the cover song could be whats holding up the release, but I don’t know if that’s true. This video has really left me craving the dvd more than ever, so I hope it makes it on there.

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