Me Gocco Pretty One Day

Saturday night I attended (and performed) at Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid Lucky 13 Party. I got there early with my friends Irina and Mike to do the soundcheck and get ready for the show. During the down time, Mike and I decided to print some inserts for my mini-comics and hand them out during the show. I had 800 unfolded copies of The Flatjack Incident ($85), 500 index cards ($2), and of course my Gocco with one screen and one set of flash bulbs ($12 in Gocco materials). We let Scott watch as we flashed our screen, then we added our stickers to partition the inks (so the colors didn’t spread around), and we got to work. 

photo by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

Make handled the bulk of the printing, while I did the folding and inserting. The minifig image (that Lego guy) was originally painted by Mike and appeared on the album cover of Me Geek Pretty One Day. I took that version and traced it down to a simple line drawing to make it easier to Gocco.


In two and a half hours, we finished nearly 350 prints and had them inserted. They looked great too. Eventually, the party reached capacity, and a line was forming outside. It took some about 30 minutes before they could make it in, and the line was raging for about 2 hours, during this time I would try to come out every 30-40 minutes and talk to folks in the crowd and hand them the comic to read. “It looks small” I’d say, “but if you read it right… it should take about 30 minutes”.

photo by Violet Blue

Top photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid, lower photo by Violet Blue. See more of Mike’s work at and some more of my illustration work in my flickr set.






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  1. Brian Avatar

    Very cool and very resourceful Doc.

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