Nerdcore For Life in SF

Nerdcore For Life, get your tix now.

Nerdcore For Life, the documentary about nerd and geeks and the hip hop that they make is finally coming to San Francisco! Although I haven’t seen it yet, I do know that several of my (Drown Radio’s) tracks where used for the soundtrack and my interview made it into the film. w00t!

The film will only be shown July 12th at 4:15pm at the Roxie Theater as part of the SF Frozen Film festival, I suggest getting your tix now. But that’s not all, hang around for the Nerdcore for Life afterparty with performances by MC Lars, Nomad, and myself (location TBA). I’ve heard from a few folks that have caught this doc in other festivals and loved it… I’m so excited to finally see it myself. I mean, my head is going to be on the movie screen… and it’s going to be huge!






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