With the Apple’s highly anticipated World Wide Developers Conference starting today, the question on everyone’s mind is, of course, “When Will Twitter Crash?”. In a recent blog post, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said that Twitter expects site traffic to increase up to ten-times it’s daily use as real time news starts to leak from the floors of the Moscone Conference Center. Twitter is preparing for the extra traffic by monitoring usage and throttling extras such as pagination and replies to reduce the stress on their servers. Of course, the replies page seems to miss half of the messages that people send in response to my tweets anyways, so I prefer using Summize anyways.

So now is your time to start making bets… when will twitter crash?

If Steve Jobs gives his keynote at 10am today (according to CNN)… I’m guessing twitter will go down at around 11:15am.

Leave your best guess on when you think twitter’s next big crash will be in the comments below or @docpop with your answer. List the time, date, and any extra details you wanna take a stab at (like why or for how long). Sorry, Twitter employees are not eligible to take place in any bets. 

Hey, Twitter has actually been running pretty smoothly for me lately, so it seems they are getting things under control. Best of luck to the team on growing their audience this week while maintaining the load.





6 responses to “WWTC?

  1. doc Avatar

    11:15 am June 9th. That will be about two thirds in to Jobs’ keynote and I figure the buzz from the live tweets will be getting a lot of attention and around this time people will start to add their 2 cents to what they are hearing.

  2. clamchowder Avatar

    12:30 June 9th. Questions from off the floors and replies to them will reach their peak at this point. Will probably get back up at around 2:45pm.

  3. clamchowder Avatar

    It’s 2:15am and SUMMIZE IS DOWN!

  4. doc Avatar

    Well, it looks like the catastrophic failure that clamchowder, @schalicto, and myself were expecting didn’t come today.

    Instead, Twitter was riddled with a series of micro failures throughout the day. ie, if you got the “fail whale” page at 10:10 am, it probably went away with a refresh. Several times I noticed that istwitterdown.com was seeing a crash, but by the time I loaded twitter.com it was fixed.

    Hell, they even had replies and pagination up most of the day. But that doesn’t mean Twitter is in the clear yet. From my experience, Twitter had the most downtime in after work hours, meaning 5-7 pacific time… so with the added traffic and the usual heavy traffic we may still see the fail whale pop it’s ugly head, but based on what I’ve seen today, I doubt it.

  5. doc Avatar

    also, kudos to Twitter for keeping us up to date with it’s site maintenance via http://status.twitter.com/post/37753256/bringing-a-few-features-back.

  6. clamchowder Avatar

    well, another case of when bad news (wrong guess) is good news (twitter is up, yay!) 🙂

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