It's Batter Blaster, bitch!

I saw my first can of Organic Batter Blaster, the pancake mix in a can, a few months ago at an “Ask Dr. Hal” show. Chicken John was whiping up pancakes with them, but I have to admit I was too scared to try one. There’s something about the Cheez Whiz can and name, which I kept mixing up with the phrase “baby batter”, that just turned me off.

So I was surprised that when I saw a can on a shelf in a nearby corner store today, I had sudden urge for pancakes. I just had to try it. The instructions are simple; prepare your pan, hold the can upside down, press the nozzle, eat pancake. Although the color of the cakes was just a little off, the texture seemed right one, and the pancakes were easy to flip and cook. After experimenting with different shapes (circle, theta, zig zag) my first short stack was ready for taste test.

They weren’t the best pancakes I’ve ever made, but they certainly weren’t bad either. Of course, with enough syrup and butter anything tastes good. They had a bit of a buckwheet flavor, and I usually prefer buttermilk, but I was pleased with the results. If these are truly are as organic as they say, I think it’s well worth the price (roughly double the cost of pre-made pancake mix) for convenience and fun. If you see a can at your local store, try it out. Maybe if ever get my computer’s video issues worked out, I’ll interview Organic Batter Blasters inventor, an SF native one-time co-owner of Thee Parkside.

hold the can upside down and pour


5 responses to “Cancakes!

  1. MrTriscut Avatar

    That is so awesome. Now I need to be looking for this. All my food should dispense like a whipped cream can. Toast in a can.

  2. Melaina Avatar

    Okay. Wild. I may be just crazy enough to try it myself. But where did you find it? Somehow the organic and the cheese whiz can seem at odds. Isn’t there some gas that is bad for the environment in cans like that???

  3. doc Avatar

    Melaina, you can plug in your zip code and find it on their site (here’s 94110.

    Also, “organic” doesn’t mean good for the environment. The ingredients may be organic, but the product still promotes disposable culture. At least it’s all recyclable.

  4. MrTriscut Avatar

    Looks like I have another reason to drive down to Bellingham.

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