Dr. Popular’s Draw-Along Brunch

Like making arts? Can’t get enough Dr. Horrible? Nom nom nom? Then come hang out with me and some friends this Sunday at Zeitgiest Bar (11 am till 1 or 2) for bloody mary’s, brunch, and singing blogs.

I’ll bring some watercolors, paper, and brushes for anyone to use, but folks are encouraged to bring their own art/craft materials too. Maybe we can get a mix of different mediums going, anyone wanna try making a Dr. Horrible doll? Anyone is welcome to hang out (you don’t even have to draw), but you haven’t seen the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog podcasts yet, check them out at DrHorrible.com

On a side note, Zeitgeist has a new cook named Jess and she seems like a cool girl. She asked me to tell my friends that she’s bringing back the breakfast menu on Sunday’s, so this is how I’m doing it.





2 responses to “Dr. Popular’s Draw-Along Brunch

  1. Josh Avatar

    (I’m pretty sure it’s not a podcast)

  2. Irrel Avatar

    I so wish I didn’t live 3 hours from SF!

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