stretching the value of a dollar 1 inch at a time

making a dollar more valuable

Several of the tables at this year’s Zinefest were offering “make your own buttons” services. The basic idea was that for one dollar, you could draw a little image and have it made into a little 1″ button. I did three water colored buttons before I remembered an old idea I’ve had about cutting up a dollar bill and turning it into buttons. The result worked out even better than I imagined, especially the pyramid and eagle sections which must have been designed with this idea in mind because they seem to fit so perfectly.

best idea ever

$4 yielded me 3 buttons. Considering the value of a dollar right now, I think this was a good investment. I’ve long been searching for a 1″button maker, but neither Craigslist or eBay have yet to turn up anything decent for under $200.