Post SF Zinefest

I spent the weekend with other artists, craftsters, and zinesters at yet another SF Zinefest. This years Zinefest was in Golden Gate Park and I would say most folks involved would probably consider it a successful event. I came within $30 of my $200 sales goal and actually managed to keep my spending low too.

As expected, the bulk of my money came from my crafts. At $30 each, the few wallets I sold were 60% of this weekend’s profits. I also sold out of my last copies of the Cartoonist Conspiracy tribute to Eric and sold all my remaining copies of Moebius Strip Tease. I sold a bunch of copies of Ideas and a few copies of The Hamster That Wasn’t There, but at only $2 each, those just covered my expenses.


One dude gave me $2 for “Ideas”, but seemed pretty disappointed to discover that “Ideas” was just the name of my comic book.

my Zinefest sign

I shared my table with several members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy, but Mike Hales, Melaina, Jeff Plotkin and a few other conspirators had their own tables as well.

Mike smiles

Michael Cappozola, who was also tabling there, gave me this sketch:

I'm not a real doctor, but...

Jesse Reklaw’s watercolor techniques workshop was the first “extra-curricular” event I’ve ever attended at a comic convention. Unfortunately I couldn’t help but to spend the whole class painting with watercolors and missed out on what I assume where some really good tips from an accomplished artist.

Jesse Reklaw's watercolor workshop


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