The Documentary Club online now

Last week I threw out the idea of a documentary club on Twitter and my blog. Like a book club for docs. The idea generated a lot of interest, not just from friends but also on IndieWire’s Docsider blog and even on IMDB’s Indie Hit List
(I didn’t know IMDB blogged about things).

Picture 2

For those interested, is online now, so feel free to sign up and start pitching ideas. The ning page was built by my friend Scott Stead who has also wanted to start some sort of documentary club for a while now. Thanks Scott.

It will probably take us a few days to figure out how we should move forward with the club, but the basic idea is that we’ll pick 2 films a month to watch and discuss as a group. We’ll probably build some sort of polling page and work on other bells and whistles. I think we’ll also try to find a way to work with the cool features on SnagFilms, the cool new documentary video site.