Wired, BoingBoing, and Poop!

Whenever a bunch of cartoonists get together, they are going to make a bunch of jam comics. This weekend’s SF Zinefest was no exception. Kraig Rasmussen, movie buff and fellow Cartoonist Conspirator, just sent me a scan of a “poo” themed jam comic he started. See if you can guess which artist did what:

toilet humor

I was just going to post the poop jam, but then I noticed that Wired.com writer Emily Lang had posted her article on this weekend’s event along with some fantastic pictures. The article’s title, “Blogs for Print Nerds”, makes me so happy because I’ve always felt a connection between indie print media (like zines and mini comics) and online media (like this blog). I also happen to be working on an article about the “missing dog head” flier and how it was the first meme I encountered (way before I started using teh internets).

In case you missed it, I also got a little Wired.com loving last week with a detailed article about my “missing lolCat” fliers and new album. There’s also an upcoming Wired.com article about the Nerdcore for Life showing in SF and the afterparty that my band played at.

And to top all of that off, Cory Doctorow blogged about the Wired article and he used that sexy picture of me and Lori Stein at our Cartoonist Conspiracy table. I’ve heard that Cory has bought a couple of jeans from Self Edge. If he got them hemmed, there’s a good chance that the scraps from his jeans could be part of some of those wallets.



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