I touched Puck’s bag, and now I smell like pee.

This morning I dropped off [redacted] unicycle at Pirate Cat radio when I got into a conversation with the girl working there about her new messenger bag. Apparently, the bag is Puck‘s old Zo Bag that he had while he was on The Real World. She said it was a gift from her friend Charles who collects Zo Bags. Ironically, it was [redacted] unicycle I was returning.

Puck's bag

The bag was in great condition for being at least 15 years old (and spending most of that time with Puck), but Zo’s bags are well known for their long lifespans. It even came with a note. I believe Puck may have been only half kidding when he said “urine and S.F. street funk included for free.”. Although it looked pretty clean, it definitely could have used a wash.

note from Puck

As I mentioned, the bag was in great shape, without a rip or a tear anywhere. I really dug some of the patches it was embellished with including an old Lightning Express patch. The bag’s owner (I can’t believe I already forgot her name) also pointed out that in the left hand corner was an angel patch that was mysteriously embroidered over a pot leaf for some strange reason. It sort of reminded me of when someone covers up a tattoo they aren’t particularly fond of with another tattoo… but usually people just seam rip patches… not cover them up.

Puck's bag






3 responses to “I touched Puck’s bag, and now I smell like pee.

  1. Luke Avatar

    What are zo bags?

  2. doc Avatar

    Eric Zo has been making fantastic messenger bags for over 20 years. He’s a bit of a legend in the bicycle community, but I know him through yo-yoing.

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