We Like Chess

cross posted from DrownRadio.com:

We Like Chess from Karim Amara on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago Irina, AllAboutGeorge, and myself recorded individual verses for the WuChess Rap Contest. Shortly after, George laid down a beat and we re-recorded our vocals. Then we headed down to the big chess scene on Market Street and shot the video. Between takes I managed to fit a few games in and even made some money (for serious). Irina thought I should feel guilty about taking some old drunk guys money after I beat him. Fuck guilt, I don’t have time for that shit… I gotta make my money.

After we finished shooting, we rushed the video to our friend Karim for his editing skills. I love what he did to it. The purpose of this video was to help promote the WuChess video contest, so if you get a chance check out the videos and maybe enter your own. Afterwards, come and find me on RedHotPawn.com and we’ll play a game.






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