Every to you emulate, doc remixes a meme

Think of all the cabinets

Every time you emulate, God kills a cabinet.

Above is my remix of the classic “masturbation” meme. I made another one (below) with those same old watercolors I keep talking about. I want to the second one, because Joss knows I’ve put a ton of work on it, but the photo version is obviously superior.

BTW, if I haven’t mentioned it already, I created a new flickr set for all my watercolor illustrations.

Every Time You Emulate, God Kills a Cabinet.


5 responses to “Every to you emulate, doc remixes a meme

  1. djscrat Avatar

    the meme remix made me laugh for way too long. bought mgpod and am addicted. keep up the art and music.

  2. docpop Avatar

    Seesmic reply to djscrat

  3. DocPop Avatar

    Seesmic reply to djscrat

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