my current iPhone gaming list

top 13
Here is a quick screen shot I took last night to show the games I’ve currently been playing the most. Not really a scientific breakdown or anything, but of the 20 or 30 games I’ve downloaded, these are the only ones I’ve actually been playing:
Spore Origins
Toy Bot Diaries lite
NES emulator (via Installer)
Toy Bot Diaries
South Park IL
Star Trigon
Subway (can’t find the phobos address for this puzzle game).
Now that I’ve typed these all out, I realize I don’t even play that many of these games. None of the $10 games were really worth the money. I’d say the pricing on most games is %40 over what it should be (ie, Enigmo, Galcon, Spore, and South Park are close to $6 games… Toybot should have been $3).
By far the best game for the money is Mote-M. This desktop tower of defense game is a total steal at $1!
Toy Bot Diaries Free is also worth the download since it includes new art and levels that don’t appear on the full retail version.