You can tell you’ve reached some sort of success when…

Yim, Yam, & Ram

You can tell you’ve reached some sort of success when your album ends up in a thrift store. At least that’s how I’ve always felt.

Last week my mom found a 12 year old copy of Yim, Yam, and Ram’s debut album in a Salvation Army in Nashville, TN. Yim, Yam, and Ram was my second band, but it was the first band I sang in (I was Yam). This album was when I first started singing, instead of just playing guitar, and I obviously did the artwork too (note the cool illustration, but terrible lettering). Even we didn’t know why we called ourselves YY&R, but we thoroughly enjoyed making up a new reason every single time someone asked. IE; “Oh, it’s from an Edgar Poe poem. He said, ‘You are in my yogurt and my rats are mad’, so we just turned that into an acronym.”

Of course I would be a little more excited if the previous owner hadn’t recorded a 311 album over ours, but at least they hung onto the cover!