Do you really have to pee in a girl’s mouth?

This morning I saw a fantastic clip from the Tim and Eric show that was a song sung from an adolescent with questions about sex. The video (posted above) is hilarious and catchy as hell. The song was stuck in my head all day, so I decided to post a cover video of it when I got back home. My version is posted below, but the video part is all out of sync (sorry, it’s a screener).

Funny story; Having such a bad memory for song lyrics (and names and birthdays and chore responsibilities) I decided to email myself the song’s lyrics for later retrieval. A few hours later, when I wanted to look up a line, I couldn’t find the email in my inbox. Upon checking my sent folder, I realized that I had accidentally emailed the lyrics to Cory Doctorow. The subject of the email was “Do you really have to pee in a girl’s mouth?” and the only thing in the body was the lyrics to the song. I know that we’ve all accidentally sent an email to the wrong person at some point or another, but I double dog dare anyone to come up with a more disturbing/inappropriate wrong email to send than “Do you really have to pee in a girl’s mouth”! 🙂