Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter!

Robots don't know anything...

Last weekend I organized and participated in the 24 Hour Comic challenge at The Comic Outpost. A 24hr comic, as most of you know, is a 24 page comic book created entirely in a consecutive 24 hour period. We had a great turnout with 15 artists attempting the challenge. Not everybody succeeded, but I think at least 7 of the artists successfully created a book in the time permitted! That’s a stunning percentage! In future blog posts I will attempt to round up some of the other books created at our event.

We started at 11am on Saturday and I immediately started drawing robots. Picking up on the theme, I sent a Twitter saying “Robots don’t know anything about ______”. I quickly had over 20 responses, so I decided to try to work suggestions from Twitter into each page of my comic. The resulting 24hr comic, appropriately titled “Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter“, is a mix of pop culture references with a nerdy slant. As is the nature of any improvised art, some parts are better than others, but I can state for a fact that every single joke is funny… If you don’t get any of the references or jokes within, then I’m sorry to inform you that you must be a robot.

Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter should be printed before the Alternative Press Expo, but I am also making it available online in the following formats:
24 Page PDF file (recommended and viewable from iPhone)
24 Gifs in one zip file
Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter flickr set.
Robot Friend demo (unrelated song that I constantly have to bring up every time I talk about robots)

… and if you really want to geek out, the entire event was livestreamed on my Ustream channel. At certain pivotal events I recorded short clips that you can view here. Here are some of the short highlights start, Joe’s interlude, update with Star, mid, finish.

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