How was APE?


This weekend was the Alternative Press Expo, one of my fave local comic book conventions. I spent $150 on my booth and materials, worked 16 hours, and spent $40 at other folks tables. All that for about $225 in sales… minus $150… and hella work…

Anwho, one of the highlights of the show was finally meeting Jeremy Tinder. Jeremy’s art is currently featured in Little Otsu’s storefront, and I’ve been following his work for 4 years. Jeremy was one of the few artists that I was hoping would be at the con, but his name wasn’t listed. I guess his decision to come was a last minute deal, lucky me. I bought several of his books to fill my collection and I also traded him one of my art supply wraps in exchange for two of his paintings. Win!

Jeremy Tinder

my two new Tinder paintings

I also bought two of Shigga’s new books and met tons of great folks, including Drew Olanoff, Mike Sgier from the Minneapolis Cartoonist Conspiracy, and some fine fella from Twitter (who loved my book). When I wasn’t hassling customers, I spent my time watercoloring the covers to my new book (which is for sale in my shop now). I actually managed to paint all 100 covers, it was like the 24 hour challenge all over again. At one point my friend Jaschu showed up and picked up one of my comics. Since one of his tweets worked it’s way into Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter, I decided to surprise him by watercoloring the page his tweet inspired.