New stuff for sale, help me enjoy Prague

Hey all, I’ll be leaving for the Czech Republic National Yo-Yo Contest this thursday, and I could use some extra spending money, so I’ve posted many new items on my store and for a limited time won’t be charging any domestic shipping on purchases over $8! Please note, this is a one day sale so all orders must be placed by 10pm Tuesday night (11/04/08) and will be shipped Wednesday. Here are some of the new goodies:

Art Supply Wrap $18

Denim laptop sleeve $18

Robots Don’t Know Twitter $5

Selvage Coffee Cozy $11

Blue Bolts $25

Blue Denim Coffee Cozy $8

Black Denim Coffee Cozy $8

Don’t forget about my album, Me Geek Pretty One Day and all the other stuff on my shop. Also note, I might not be ordering Bolt‘s anymore, so this may be your last chance to procure one. On wednesday morning, I will be clising my shop for about 3 weeks while I travel.