15 minutes of time frame

this is getting weird

I’ve started riding my bike again for various reasons. I’ve been working in San Mateo a few days a week and got tired of taking BART to CalTrain, so I’m trying to bike to the downtown CalTrain Station, then just take CalTrain all the way. I used to bike this same path 5 days a week for over a year while I worked at the SF Weekly, and the general trip time was about 15 minutes from what I could recall.

Since I’m just getting back into the swing of biking this route again, I thought I’d keep track of my rides with my iPhones stopwatch.

Last week, my first ride in over a year so I decided to just bike normally. From my steps to the station was around 14 minutes and 40 seconds.

Yesterday I had a planned lunch with my friend Scott, but I was 45 minutes early so I decided to take a real casual ride to kill time. From my steps to the station took 14:57… riding slow!

So today I figure I could probably shave off a few minutes if I tried hard enough. I pedaled like a maniac, running through more signs and lights than I ever do, and really zipping through the city. From my steps to the station took 14:54!!! At full speed!!! Running lights and everything.

As the machine spit out my ticket, the doors closed and I missed my morning train by 1 minute. No matter the pace, I always seem to arrive in just under 15 minutes, how on earth is that possible?