The 4 hour font battle… let’s kern this mutherfucker down!

Lorem Ipsum, ya’ll. A few minutes ago I tweeted about a 4 hour font battle and recieved some positive response, so I wanted to flesh out the idea here. The crux of the challenge is to push people to create their own custom font in just a few hours using the free font making site For those who haven’t tried it yet, (which is a free clone of is a simple font making website that takes a scanned version of your handwritten font and turns it into a True Type Font file. All you have to do is print out the grid, write your font, scan it, upload it, and approve it.

The rules would be simple: Fonts must be created start to finish in less than 4 hours. Each person can submit up to 2 fonts in to the battle. On Tuesday morning all of the fonts will be judged against each other and a winner will be announced. Each font must start with hand drawn lettering of some type, but can be digitally edited or manipulated in any form. Only or are acceptable for font creation.

Judging: We need to find some judges, post ideas for judges below. Judging will be based on Cleanliness (how readable the font is), Uniqueness, and Print (how it looks on paper). The font will be judged on random text fed in to the Lorem Ipsum generator.

I would also like to propose that each font be made available for a free download as part of a 4 Hour Font Battle package after the battle is over. Does that sound cool, or should the TTF files only be shared by those who enter? Share any thoughts, ideas, etc in the comments and I will make ammendments to this entry as I see fit. If you want to enter, sign up in the comments below (just say if you are doing it) then email me your font file when you have finished. The battle starts officially right now and ends Monday at midnight.

edit 1: changed the submission date to Monday at midnight





8 responses to “The 4 hour font battle… let’s kern this mutherfucker down!

  1. star Avatar

    I'm in, provided I can find a scanner, or turn my stuff in on monday when I can hijack the one at work.

  2. JC Avatar

    i'm in. so uuhh… prizes? or is it just bragging rights? either way i'm fine with it.

  3. hex Avatar

    i’m really excited about the prospects of this!! i don’t get to play up my graphic arts as i used to

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