The results of the 4 Hour Font Battle


A few days ago, I proposed the 4 Hour Font Battle. Each contestant was allowed to create up to 2 fonts in that time frame, but we all had to use to generate the final ttf files. The purpose of the challenge was to try to get more of my friends to try creating their own fonts. I’ve been preaching the ease of online font generators for years, and now these artists are into it to.

After receiving all of the font files, I sent a pdf to my friends (and fellow illustrators) Jon Adams and Jory John for voting. Both judges selected “little_brother.ttf” as their favorite. Congratulations Mike, you win the newest issue of the McSweeny’s quarterly, courtesy of 826 Valencia.

We are now making all of these fonts available for free, but I still recommend that everyone try and make their own too. Download all of the 4hr Font Battle files here.

ComicSerif by Star St. Germain

ekimtiki by Mike Hales

WTFont by Doctor Popular

little_brother by Mike Hales

Zaxbax by Doctor Popular