Portrait of the twartist as a hood

Yesterday I was pleased to learn that the UK’s Guardian newspaper listed me as one of their favorite artists to follow on Twitter. Although the term “Twartist” isn’t all that flattering, I’m still really honored to have been included in such a prestigious paper. It’s probably the only time I’ll ever see my name printed next to Yoko Ono’s.

I know that the article is introducing a lot of new people who are interested in the art and social media, so I thought I’d write up a quick recap of some of my Twitter related projects from the last year.


Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter

This 24 page comic book was created in 24 consecutive hours using suggestions from Twitter. It wasn’t my intention to create a twitter comic, but after I started doodling a bunch of robots I sent out this fateful tweet. The responses began flooding in and I knew I wanted to dedicate each page in my book to as many different @replies as possible. RDKAAT is available as a free pdf, gifs, flickr set, and a physical book (directly through me). I am also watercoloring each page for a new online edition to go live in March.

While McCain suspends his campaign

The Failephant

There is something oddly bizarre about Twitter’s Fail Whale image. No other 404-error image has inspired so many people as this iconic image. When McCain temporarily suspended his campaign to “fix the economy” I knew this was an image I just had to make.


Fail Snails

The Fail Snails are part of my ongoing Memes In Real Life project, where I try to blend the lines between internet culture and everyday real life. Obviously, this is another one of my projects inspired by Yiying Lu‘s iconic Fail Whale image. For this particular MIRL project, I gathered nearly 60 snails from friend’s gardens and glued tiny orange birds (made from Sculpy) onto their shells, then released them all around the city to continue doing… um, whatever it is that snails do. For the record, this is the first time I’ve mentioned my Fail Snail project online. I was hoping to see if anyone else would discover these winged molluscs IRL, but since they haven’t, you can see all of my Fail Snail pictures here.

That’s just a small recap of my recent “twart” projects. I always have something up my sleeve, so please feel free to subscribe to the blog or follow me on Twitter for updates on art projects as well as anything else I care to write about. If you have any suggestions for future twitter projects or collaborations, I’d love to hear them. Please leave a video or text comment below or just @docpop me your thoughts. Danka!