The Penultimate Photo

Ariel and I discovered a photo booth at The Beauty Bar. We knew we wanted to do something neat, so I suggested we kept a very stoic look going throughout the session except for one shot, which should be crazy wild.
“You got it right?” I asked.
“Yeah, like American Gothic?” she replied.
“Yes, except the third picture will be totally unexpected and fun, but then we have to get right back to the stoic pose. Should we practice?”
“No, I got it.”
“Are you sure, it’s going to be hard to go from still to hectic back to stil. Let’s practice.”
“No, I got it, let’s start.”

The first two pics went as planned and on the third shot Ariel stuck out her tongue and I followed suite. I heard the camera click, so I rushed back to my bored expression- but then there was another click and a flash… I fucked it up! I FUCKED IT UP! I can’t believe I fucked it up. The pics turned out cute and I had a great night. What I really wanted to say though was: even though there is no photographic evidence of it, I touched @arielwaldman’s tongue with my tongue.