The Wrong Side of the Bread

The "Doctor Popular", a limited edition (#64 of 500) art sand... on TwitPic[subtitled “The Sandwich of Your Dreams”]

A few weeks ago, when my signature sandwich came out from Ike’s Place, I started feeling tense about how people might react to the “Doctor Popular Signature Sandwich“. In particular I was feeling some weird fears that it would reflect poorly on the restaurant itself. I guess these feelings were subconsciously brewing up and eventually manifested into one of my dreams.

In my dream, it was the sandwich’s big release day and the line of hungry foodies wrapped all the way around the block. The excitement was thick in the air, but as people started biting into their orders I started hearing comments about how terrible the sandwich was.

“We waited an hour for this? Bleh, totally mediocre!” one customer said.
“What is all the hype about this place all about?” Replied the man sitting next to her.

As everyone in the line finally got served their sandwich I heard many similar comments. The line was split evenly in two halves, the “likes” and the “like nots”. After the smoke had cleared and Ike could finally come out from behind the deli counter, I apologized to him for tarnishing his restaurants reputation.

“You said half the people liked it?” He asked.
“Yeah, I’m sure that if the rest of the dinners would have tried a different sandwich they would have been new fans.” I responded.
“Doc, I didn’t recognize a single person here and we sold 200 sandwiches. Even if half of the customers didn’t like it, that’s still 100 new customers that will come again.”

That’s how the dream ended. I woke up the next morning feeling totally relaxed and excited about the sandwiches release. When I was in high school, I taught myself how to lucid dream. In these dreams I would be sitting at a table in a white room. I would spend my dreams coming up with ideas for comics, paintings, songs, etc. If I had a paper due for a class, I could come up with an interesting topic or tone in my dreams. In college though, I lost the ability to lucid dream. In fact I stopped being able to recall my dreams at all. This sandwich dream was the first time I can remember ever working out an emotional problem in my sleep.

I’m curious if I can start controlling my dreams again? If so, perhaps I can work out some dating issues that are weighing me down. Or maybe I can at least come up with some new comic book ideas