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On Sunday, March 8th, masses of hungry San Franciscans packed in to a tiny frozen yogurt shop to officially celebrate the release of the Doctor Popular signature froyo (aka The DocPopGurt). The crowd, which was estimated at around 18 people, could not wait to wrap their lips around a plastic spoonful of tangy frozen yogurt topped with bacon, syrup, and cereal.

photo by sofauxboho

Each attendee was gifted with “thank you” bacon bookmarks, watercolored by the everluminescent Doctor Popular himself.

Thank You bacons.

Some celebrity appearances included the classy Karen Nguyen (aka Karenism), one of the founders of Bacon Camp.

photo by sofauxboho

Despite dealing with copious lines of impatient customers, the staff remained utterly enthusiastic.

You've been served

Thanks to Ariel Waldman and the chipper staff of YoCup for making the DocPopGurt Launch Party a smashing success.





4 responses to “Culture Club

  1. MrTriscut Avatar

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. MrTriscut Avatar

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. […] The “deliciously geeky” Karen Nguyen, from, came to the DocPopGurt Launch Party and made this energetic video documenting the experience [embedded […]

  4. doc Avatar

    Did you miss out on the limited edition Doctor Popular Sandwich at Ike’s Place or the DocPopGurt at YoCup Frozen Yogurt? Well now is your chance to try the newest Doc Pop-themed food item; The Doctor!

    The Doctor is an iced americano served with sparkling water and an orange & vanilla simple syrup. It’s available at La Lucha Coffee (1598 Sanchez St.) in San Francisco.

    You might be wondering how this all happened. Well, so am I! I’m a regular at La Lucha, and often tell them about how much I love Romanos, which are espresso with a twist of lemon. I especially like them with soda water. I guess the La Lucha crew were inspired to make their own variation on this drink and named it after me. I’m cool with that!

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