Limited Edition Frozen Yogurt by DocPop & YoCup


“Why do you hate bacon?”. It’s a question I’ve been hearing since the Doc Pop Sandwich came out at Ike’s Place a month ago. Because the sandwich comes with real ham but fake bacon, people are assuming I have something against this particular pork product (the swine!). So, let me publicly state my affinity for griddled slabs of salted pig side:

I love bacon.

In fact, one of my longer term goals has been to get my own bacon/syrup ice cream into a local creamery (Humphrey Slocombe I’m looking in y’r direction) or even a bacon/syrup milkshake (coughcoughStFrancisFountaincough). So when the chance arose to have my own frozen yogurt at YoCup (thanks to the adorable *Ariel Waldman) I immediately knew what flavor combo to do.


The DocPopGurt, available until the end of March, is a tart frozen yogurt with real bacon, syrup, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. For the uninitiated, the current froyo trend is less like ice cream and more based on natural ingredients sprinkled over a tart unsweetened yogurt (not like that TCBY stuff). While I’ll admit to the irony of serving a healthy snack covered with unsalutary breakfast items is ironic, I assure you the goal was to mix the salt and sweet of the toppings together with the tangy-ness of froyo.

“Because few will ever know what it’s like to sleep with Doctor Popular, but now everyone can experience what it’s like to wake up with him.” You can buy y’r own DocPopGurt from either of YoCups two downtown locations San Francisco.