my iPhone themed business cards

My biz cards are AWESOME!!

I can’t even remember what my last business cards looked like. I was beginning to think that nobody ever uses them anymore until I started working a full time job again. Last week I decided to whip up the most pretentious card I could think of. I had this idea to print up a card with no real info, just directions telling people to Google me. I had heard that Matt Mulenweg, one of the creators of WordPress, had business cards that famously readGo to Type in Matt Click I’m Feeling Lucky“. My idea was to more subtly steer people by simply showing a Google search bar with my name in it. Since I’m a total iPhone nerd, I built the image from an actual screen shot of my phone. The resolution was only 72dpi, so I delicately cleaned up the image and tweaked the font.

The original idea was to leave the card completely blank on the back, but after taking the screen shot I was struck with the idea of using an iPhone contact page to convey my contact info. Here is better look at the back of the card.

Business Card (png file)

I’m really happy with how the cards turned out and I got them just in time for my birthday party. I ordered 500 two sided cards and 500 cards with just the Google side. I used VistaPrint for my cards and would highly recommend you do the same. Pleased Doctor Popular is pleased.