Checkpoint Charlie Hat

Star wearing my Checkpoint Charlie hat

During a recent trip to Germany, I bought a Russian military hat from one of the old checkpoints between East and West Berlin. Even though the hat is a bit unusual, I really dig the way it looks. To me, it has a timeless quality, plus the small bill is great for bike rides. I’ve dubbed it my “Checkpoint Charlie hat” and you can see some pictures of it here.

I showed the hat to my friend Rachel, from SCOW, and she has created an Instructable on how to make your own Checkpoint Charlie hat.

Checkpoint Charlie HatMore DIY How To Projects

I’ll be trying to make my own CC hats sometime soon using Rachel’s directions, but I’m hoping she’ll add the patterns soon.

update: the patterns have been added.





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  1. jerryclatham28 Avatar

    Freakishly cruel. I am pleased, though, that some good people responded in good ways. It reminds me that people rarely fight the GOOD fight alone — that there are advocates and allies who support them. In this case, the school district and the police, and, I hope, loyal ten-year-old friends and some teachers and good parents.(Fred Rogers always said that in the face of terrible things, we should “look for the helpers.” They are always there.)

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