The official artist of RoboGames!

Robogames flier

I’m proud to say that I’ve been asked to be the “official artist” of this year’s RoboGames. RoboGames (formerly Robo Olympics) is an annual event consisting of seventy events such as combat, autonomous soccer teams, and robot dancing. The 2009 RoboGames takes place June 12-14 in San Francisco.

The illustration I created (which is posted above) will appear on shirts, posters, and other ephemeral. Many astute observers will note the similarities between this sketch and this famous photo from the 1968 Olympics. Like many of my other illustrations, the RoboGames art was created with cheap watercolors and pen.

Despite the widespread misconception that Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter, you can follow @RoboGames on Twitter for up to the minute robot news.