Learning to love Miranda July more


In the late 90s I was obsessed with all things Olympia. K Records, Kill Rock Stars, YoYo, etc. It was during this phase that I first heard Miranda July. Her work was so oddly captivating to me, and embodied the punk/DIY philosophy so perfectly. I collected every interview, record, and vhs tape of her’s that I could find, but after a while it felt as though it was losing impact on me. I liked her ideas, but wished she could focus her style into something a little more narrative and accessible. That’s when Me, You, and Everyone We Know came out, and my fascination with Miranda was rekindled.

Miranda July

It was great to see an artist wildly exploring experimental aspects of their craft for many years and then taking all that energy and focusing it in a traditional way. Honestly, I found that very inspiring since it’s how I feel like I take on most of my projects too. Since I’m feeling exceptionally pro-MJ right now, I thought I’d cull some of her more recent pieces and post them here.

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2 responses to “Learning to love Miranda July more

  1. littlemelinda Avatar

    Thanks for posting! She's my hero! <3

  2. littlemelinda Avatar

    Thanks for posting! She's my hero! <3

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