Some rejected RoboGames sketches

Yesterday I blogged about being the official artist for the 2009 RoboGames. In that post I showed the final art that was accepted by the RoboGames committee. So today I wanted to show some of the pieces that the committee thought were too fraken terrible to ever be featured on any RoboGames related material:

Rejected RoboGames art II

One of the concepts I really liked was “robots that thought they were winning, but were doing it wrong”. The idea was to do a series of sketches of robots competing in Olympics-style events against humans, but the robots didn’t fully grasp the idea of the concept. Although they were funny, they certainly didn’t lend themselves well for a poster or shirt.

Rejected RoboGames Art III

Another of the “doing it wrong” series. Like the “hurdling” illustration, “pole vaulting robots” wouldn’t look that great on a shirt. I love the concept though… and the humans running for their lives.

Rejected RoboGames Art I

This was actually the very first sketch I created, and the quickest one to get shot down. Apparently drug needles are not an image that the RG founders would like to be associated with. This gag was my favorite of the entire bunch though because it takes a second to get.