Don’t mess with the KnifeTank!

Epic KnifeTank

A few days ago I told my friend and co-worker Mike Hales the story of The KnifeTank. The next day Mike created one of the most bad-ass illustrations ever created in the history of both knifes and tanks. Somebody needs to get this tattooed onto themselves! To read the origin of the KnifeTank, check out the comments on Mike’s flickr page.

I would totally get this as a tattoo myself, but I’ve already got plans for my next tattoo. I’m going to get a tattoo on my lower back of a dolphin with a tattoo of a butterfly on it’s back… The butterfly’s wings will totally have tribal patterns too!





2 responses to “Don’t mess with the KnifeTank!

  1. mike Avatar

    Making tattoo design as we speak…

  2. mike Avatar

    Making tattoo design as we speak…

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