Giving away tickets to RoboGames

Hey, guess what… I have some extra tickets to this weekend’s RoboGames, so I’m giving them away. Inspired by the awesome Guess Where SF flickr group, I’ve posted several photos taken in various Bay Area businesses on my flickr set. For today only, I’ll be giving tickets away to the first person to leave the correct name of the venue IN THE FLICKR COMMENTS of the image. Do not leave comments here if you want a ticket! One ticket per picture.

Again, I’m giving tickets away for the comments posted today (June 9th) and I’ll be mailing the tickets to the winners tomorrow (so they will hopefully arrive before the weekend). If you have an unfair advantage (ie, you where there when I took the photo [Mer!]) please don’t spoil the comments.

Guess the location

Guess Where 4, RG giveaway

Guess Where 3, RG giveaway

Guess Where 6, RG giveaway

Guess Where 5, RG giveaway

Guess Where 2, RG giveaway

Guess Where 6, RG giveaway

Guess Where 1, RG giveaway