God Damn Midget

God Damn Midget

Some people start new bands just because they like making up band names. I used to find shows for my band just because I loved making fliers. I was 17 when I started a band called God Damn Midget with my friend Matt. He liked the name because it had absolutely nothing to do with the type of music we played. I liked the name because I know it would look great on a flier.

We were one of the few electro-punk bands in Nashville and quickly developed an audience, but I couldn’t believe it when 103 KDF, the big rock radio station, asked us to do an interview on their hour long “local spotlight” show. We weren’t allowed to mention our band name, so Matt would always refer to us as “God Bleep Midget” while I would simultaneously say “Bleep Damn Midget”.

During the interview, the radio dj asked “Aren’t you guys afraid of offending anyone? Don’t your fliers get ripped down all the time?” to which I replied “Oh no, we just post them a little higher.”. She quickly cut to commercials and Matt and I looked at each other in shock.

That was the most punk rock moment of my life.





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