I wrote a short blog on Laughing Squid about PEZ Inc (makers of candies and candy dispensers) suing The Museum of PEZ Memorabilia in Burlingame, CA. I know that companies like to protect their copyrights, but why sue someone who is dedicated themselves to promoting your brand?

I was emailing my friend, and Laughing Squid’s main tentacle, Scott Bealle about it and he said “I just picture all those little Pez dispensers with sad faces.”. I sketched a version of a pissed of PEZ and posted it to the #PEZfail flickr group. If you’d like to contribute an image, just post it to flickr and add it to the group. Invest in pink armbands, my friends… I smell a PEZ revolution coming!

Here is my friend Mike’s #PEZfail:
Pez Dispensers Gone Bad!!!






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