The Girl With The Golden Yo-Yo

The Girl With The Golden Yo-Yo, originally uploaded by docpop.

I bought a copy of Edmund Schiddel’s The Girl With The Golden Yo-Yo from eBay last week and wanted to post a scan of the cover, ’cause it’s awesome!

A dazzling erotic portrait of New York’s art world–from the studded-denim galleries of the rich

…did I mention there is a girl with a yo-yo in it? At least there better be, I haven’t actually read it yet. TGWTGYY was originally printed in 1955, but this edition was printed in 1975. Here is a scan of the back cover. I’ve posted some iPhone wallpapers from the cover here, here, and here.






2 responses to “The Girl With The Golden Yo-Yo

  1. JoelMBenge Avatar

    There are no words to describe this.

  2. matt27 Avatar

    I agreem this is hard to describe!

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