A week of comics!

I love setting blogging goals for myself. I had a blast writing about 28 different yo-yos in 28 days and had recently done a “week of print” articles on this site, so I think it’s time for another themed week of blogging.
Welcome to my “week of comics”. For the next 7 or 8 days I’ll be posting a few of my own comics as well as writing on the general subject of comic books and illustration.
Some of my goals for this upcoming week are:
testing out my new webcomics software for this blog
posting some of my older comics online for the first time (such as Super Top and Flatjack Incident)
posting about cbz & cbr files (what are they, how to use them)
posting an art contest
and finally to post BOOF!, my newest 24hr comic book in it’s entirety