Comics Minus Comics; a text based challenge!

Update : all submissions are in and the judges are picking their favorites. Check them here.

Aside from organizing our yearly 24hr Comic Challenges in San Francisco, I like to post challenges such as the 4hr Font Battle and the Crate Digger Death Match on my blogs. Which brings me to the point of this post… It’s been far too long since I’ve posted/organized an art challenge, so it’s time to issue a new art challenge: Make a pictureless comic!

A pictureless comic is an experimental form of storytelling in which the artist tells a story in sequential comic form (ie panels) without using pictures. Pictureless comics only rely on text, color, layout, and font to convey their story.

Here’s the challenge:
1. Create a comic with text only. No pictures.
2. Submissions must have at least 4 panels.
3. Submissions can not exceed 40 panels.
4. Submissions must be created between Friday October 30th and Friday November 6th.
5. All submissions due by 12:01 AM on Friday November 6th.
6. Submissions may be emailed to yoyogenius at or posted in the comments below.
[updated]7. Multiple submissions are okay. You may enter up to 4 pictureless comics.

All entries will be judged next weekend (by yet to be determined judges) and a winner will be announced the following week. The winner will receive a free copy of the Abstract Comics Anthology courtesy of Leef at Mission Comics and Art!!!

Anyone can enter and I hope to post links to all the works submitted (so please include the name you want the piece attributed to and a link to your website).

Check out MadInkBeard’s round up of pictureless comics and this post on Scott McCloud’s blog for more ideas of what is and what isn’t a pictureless comic.





26 responses to “Comics Minus Comics; a text based challenge!

  1. Lupi Avatar

    Hi! I made a pictureless comic tonight. It's here:

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  5. J David Eisenberg Avatar

    Here's my first attempt:
    I have another one in mind, and if I have some time in the next few days I'll post it as well.

  6. […] one of my Graphic Novels Lit students, just told me about a comics challenge circulating online: create a pictureless comic, 4 – 40 panels. My first response was something like, “oh, pictureless comic, […]

  7. Roy Blumenthal Avatar

    Hey @DocPop…

    Thanks for the challenge! Here's my contribution…….

    It's a little bit of black humour surrounding a sex-and-drugs scandal currently playing out in South Africa. One of our country's most beloved Rugby heroes, Joost vd Westhuizen, has finally admitted that it WAS him snorting coke off a stripper's tummy.

    So this is an 'aftermath' toon.


    Blue skies

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  10. George Webber Avatar

    Here's my entry.

    Artist Name : George Webber
    Website :

    I emailed the link to, just in case. Thanks

  11. JP Avatar

    Here is my pictureless comic, I hope you like it.

  12. Brian K Avatar

    Doc, here is my attempt.
    That is really hard to do.

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  14. David Avatar

    Here's my first entry…
    I'm hoping to have one more by midnight tomorrow.

  15. DocPop Avatar

    okay, that is it everybody. Pencils down, the challenge is over!
    Now it's up to the judges to decide. In the meantime, I've done my post to recap all the entries in one blog post. Read it here

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  17. David Avatar

    Oh, whoops, this ended sooner than I thought it would…

  18. David Avatar

    Oh, whoops, this ended sooner than I thought it would…

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