Magic Yo-Yo, a 24hr Comic Book by Rosgana

“Magic Yo-Yo” by Oke Rosgana, originally uploaded by docpop.

The above panel is an excerpt from Oke Rosgana‘s 24 hour comic book, The Magic Yo-Yo.

Rosgana saw some tweets about our upcoming 24hr comic book day and thought it sounded fun, so he asked me if he could join in somehow. Since he lives in Indonesia, I told him he doesn’t need our support, just go for it.

The end result is magical and charming… it also happens to be an origin story… of me… Doctor Popular… and how I learned to yo-yo.

How awesome is that?


It is very awesome. I have an origin story now and that is so frakkin’ awesome!!!

You can read it on Flickr

Or download the 24 pg pdf file here.

I’ve also posted it as a cbz file and formatted as a printable booklet.

If you like Magic Yo-Yo, be sure to let @rosgana know.

Rosgana and his finished 24hr comic