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BOOF! is a strange little comic from this year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day in SF. All 24 pages of story where written, drawn, and painted in one consecutive 24hr period. BTW, this is my first 24hr Comic since last year’s Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter.

Aside from the typical time constraints of a 24hr comic, I decided to add a couple more personal goals:
1. Story is told with images only (no text)
2. Create my first fully colored comic book
3. Format it for the iPhone screen
4. Keep it more serious than my typical comics

I have to say I’m happy with the end result. I really pushed myself into areas where I feel uncomfortable artistically. It’s not my favorite comic I’ve ever created, but I feel like some of the lessons I learned from working on it have stuck with me… for example, The Greatest Costume Ever story feels a lot like BOOF!

Aside from the embedded comic (above), I have all the pages up on Flickr… or you can download the BOOF! as a CBZ file or big ol’ PDF.

Thanks again to Mission Comics and Art, Comic Outpost, Self Edge, Ritual Roasters, Robogames, and Anthony’s Cookies for support our 24hr event in SF.





10 responses to “BOOF!

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  2. Dankeschon Avatar

    I love it!
    I like your placement of that Jung thing. haha. The coloring looks great, too!
    Good job.

  3. Brian K Avatar

    Nice work Doc. I really think you took your 24hcbd comic to the next level.

  4. DocPop Avatar

    thanks for the kind words guys.

  5. DocPop Avatar

    thanks for the kind words guys.

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  10. […] So please stay tuned starting at around 11am for some sort of announcement and details on how we can create a comic book together. I’m still feeling under the weather, but the goal is still to write and draw a 24 page book entirely within a 24hr period. I’ll probably just do pen (and brush) and ink, without any color, but who knows. I did really enjoy the year I did a watercolored 24hr book. […]

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