Pictureless Comics part 2

We’ve reached the deadline for the pictureless comics challenge. Now it’s all up to the judges, but I thought it would be cool to post all the entrants (in order of their submission):

pictureless comic

by Lupi (original link here)

pictureless comic

by Nico (no original link)

by J David Eisenberg (original link here)

by Tobie Abad (original link here)

by Scott Stead (original link here and here)

by Ellen Forney (original link here)

by J David Eisenberg (original link here)

by Roy Blumenthal (original link here)

by Bojan Mijojevic (original link here)

by Doc Pop (original link here)

by George Webber (original link here)

by JP (no link given)

by J Foote (original link here)

by Brian K (original link here)

by Mare Odomo (original link here here here and here)

by David (original link here)





3 responses to “Pictureless Comics part 2

  1. […] Thanks to everyone who took part in the pictureless comic challenge. The goal was to encourage artists to experiment around with the comics medium, and I believe that all the artists involved found some inspiration from the restrictions. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check out all the entries here. […]

  2. […] with this. My group has debated over the manipulation of the text as a type of image. But as seen here and here, some of the comics use plain text (though positioning, typographic and stylistic choices […]

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