Super Top

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Super Top is the first comic I ever published and it is still my only entry into the “super hero” genre. It was originally printed in 2002 on a letter press in Minneapolis. The comic is embedded above, but is also available as a CBZ file, PNGs, or on the flickrhole.

When it was time to pick out which paper to print the comic on, I pointed to a box in the corner full of cardboard sheets asking “What are those?”
“Those are trash. They use them as filler when shipping paper. You can have ’em.”
Although the sheets were fairly thin, we would crank the press to get the art to leave indentations.

The cover of Super Top is one of my favorites. I bought some boxes of “Hello My Name Is” stickers and we printed the comics cover in them, then applied them to the covers, ran some more art, the trimmed them. The cover of Super Top had 5 colors; brown, red, blue, white, & black!

Fun Fact, there were two alternate covers of this book. The retail cover had a blue sticker with red ink. The convention cover was a red sticker with blue ink.

About 1000 copies of SuperTop were printed and sold. I only have less than ten copies left. In 2004 I write and drew 18 of the 20 pages for SuperTop . 5 years later and I still haven’t finished that damn book (which is sitting on my desk right now).

Super Top





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