Week of Comics recap

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my blogging on this site had lapsed a little, so I decided to commit myself to posting a new comic related entry every day for a week. Although I didn’t fully meet all of my goals for the week, I have to say it was a highly productive week! I had a bunch of of existing comics that I finally got time to post:
Super Top #1
Flatjack Incident
Although I had only set out to scan and post old comics, I ended doing a few new pieces that I absolutely adore. One of them, The Best Halloween Costume Ever, took nearly 8 hours of work, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Not to mention the blog love it got from all over the internets.
Also, as part of my week of comics continued, I posted two interviews I filmed at the Alternative Press Expo with two of my favorite aritsts; Jason Shiga and Jeremy Tinder.
Perhaps the coolest thing that come out of my Week Of Comics was the Pictureless Comics Challenge. The goal of the PCC was to encourage friends (and myself) to experiment around a bit with the comics medium. Although most of my friends didn’t even try (Mike, Mer, and Star I’m looking at you) I was thrilled to see how many people did give the challenge a go. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing a new experience with several other people and seeing everybody’s results. At the very least, I came out with another new comic.
I love personal blogging challenges, but this one was my favorite yet. At the end of the week I had 15 new entries, 2 new videos, 2 new comics, and scanned/posted 4 existing comics. I’ve created a new category slug, so if you’d like to see all of the Week Of Comics posts, you can see them here.
BTW, don’t worry, DocPop.org hasn’t turned into a webcomic site, but I probably do have a few more new comics in store before the year is up.





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