I felt like sharing this…

Hine (pronounced “hee-neh”) is a felt genius! She makes camera-shaped camera cases (and phone-shaped iPhone cases too) with a great eye for detail that makes her work stand out.

I love this Holga-shaped camera case:

Hine’s artistic endeavors with felt aren’t limited to making cases shaped like the items that fit inside them, though. She has also made some adorable stop-motion videos for They Might Be Giants using her bountiful felt know-how. Her video for their “What Makes The Sun Shine” even features a theremin-playing cat (not to be confused with these theremin-playing cats). What’s not to love about that? I can’t wait to see more of Hine’s work soon.






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  1. Susie2shoes Avatar

    Wow what fantastic work both with the felt camera and the video.  I’m very impressed.


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