New store items: denim pen wraps and more

After a weekend of sewing at Noisebridge, I finally have some new items to this site’s shop page. The coolest of which would be my new pen wraps. These are made out of tailored scraps of Japanese jeans and sexy orange leather. Along the top of each wrap you can see the original factory hem for the jeans. And in the inside you can clearly see the selvage lines as they tuck into the leather. I’m really proud of these if you can’t tell 🙂

I’ve also added coffee cozies (selvage and non), wallets (leather and non), and comic books (Doc Pop and non).
Shipping is a flat $4 in the US, so you save money on multiple items.
Group shot
This may be the last update to my store for the year… or I may go back to Noisebridge this weekend and make a few more goodies. There’s really no telling.





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