Original art from Aplelad’s new book


Last week I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of Ape Lad’s “Surprise Comics Sale” through his otherwise empty etsy shop. For only $25, Ape Lad would ship you an original page from his newest book, The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats Sell Out (amazon). The only catch was that you didn’t get to pick out the piece, they were sent out randomly.
The piece I ordered arrived this morning. It’s neat to see that Ape Lad, aka Adam Koford, works on plain old sheets of 8.5″X11″ typing paper. It appears that he starts off with a pre-printed template that he uses as his border, which is a good time saving trick and keeps his panels consistent. He draws with a confident line, which is no surprise considering how many of these pieces he’s churned out over the years. In fact, he is slated to print his 1,300 Laugh-Out-Loud Cat comic on his blog next Monday.
It was a hell of a deal, plus it’s always fun to be able to study another artist’s work in person.





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