Pitfall commercial and other links

As I was researching my last piece I came across a few Pitfall! links worth posting:

Pitfall! laptop case– This needlepoint rendition of Pitfall! was created by Etsy user novellamarie. It’s still available for only $150. Not bad!

Pitfall! 2 instruction guide– from back in the days when games came with awesome how-to booklets.

Pitfall! patch– If you achieved 20,000 points or higher in the original Pitfall!, you could mail a photograph of your high score to Activision and they sent you this awesome “Explorer’s Club” patch and letter.

Saturday Supercade with Pitfall Harry– short lived Saturday Morning tv show that featured various video game characters (like Mario, Q-Bert, Frogger, etc). Pitfall Harry, the star of the Pitfall! games, got some tv time too, along with his nephew and a cowardly lion the producers felt compelled to add.
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Knit Pitfall! and TV– By Christine Domanic. It also looks great with the matching knit Atari 2600 which was featured at the 2007 Maker Faire in San Mateo.






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