Website Updates 12/09/09

Lots of new updates to over the last week:

Popular page is up & working!– I had previously put out a cry for help to find a way to make what I visualized into reality. The lovely and talented Scot Nery took a crack at it and it looks just like the page I mocked up. It’s a great start, but it has three small issues. 1. Data entry is difficult (create a thumbnail, upload the image, find the image link, write and format the text all in html, then check the page for errors) 2. It doesn’t randomize (I might just have to give up on this, but my dream is to have 30 or more items that get randomized and only display 9 or 12 at a time) 3. If the text in the 3rd row is too short, the next 3 columns underneath it get messed up.

Screen shot 2009-12-09 at 11.10.46 AMHellavetica added to the site- While he was under the hood, Scot also added some code to automagically turn the headers for blog posts page names to appear in Hellavetica. In case you didn’t know, Hellavetica is my handwritten version of Helvetica. I don’t know how he did it, but it really adds to the handmade feel of the site. It might not work for everyone (or everybrowser) but it doesn’t require you to have Hellavetica installed on your computer. I was surprised to find it even worked on my iPhone.

Rollover links added to the sidebar- Naomi, the person who built the new, just added “pure CSS image-rotating menu thingies” to the sidebar. We had heard good some feedback about people not understanding that the words in the sidebar were clickable, so now they change color when you mouse over them.

Added more headers and icons- The rotating header and icon at the top of the site is something I plan on adding to continuously. Hopefully by this time next year, I will have a hundred headers and 200 corner icons. Here are two of the new ones.

Thanks to Scot and Naomi for the help improving the site. My wishlist for future site upgrades includes better formatting for the iPhone (so it doesn’t appear with all that dead space on the right), updating the links on the top of the page to also roll over, easier input for the popular page, and improving the shop’s layout.

update: I decided to add one more header that I made this morning.





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